VIP Club // 50% off Every Order!

$10.00 / month

If you love EJD, this is for YOU. For $10 a month you can enjoy 50% off every order – that means you are getting our products at wholesale pricing!

The $10 fee is applied to your account as a $10 credit.

Once you order you will receive an email with a $10 gift card that never expires, along with a 50% off coupon that is only valid for 30 days. Every month when your subscription renews you will receive another $10 gift card and a new 50% off coupon. If you cancel your subscription you will not lose your $10 gift cards. You can use your gift card monthly, or stack and save your gift cards to use at a later date.



  • VIP Club Subscription renews monthly. You may cancel any time.
  • The $10 monthly fee will be applied to your account as a $10 off coupon. Once your subscription has successfully processed you will receive a $10 off gift card via email.

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