Pieces from Around the World

Empowering women, changing lives

A note from our founder

When I left my career with the UN World Food Programme I left with goals to join my two passions – making a real difference in the lives of people around the world and jewelry design. They seem like they are on completely different ends of the spectrum, but really, they aren’t. You see, when you give a [wo]man a fish you feed her for a day, but when you teach a [wo]man to fish you feed her for a lifetime. Our goal with our EJD Mercantile line of products is to provide real, sustainable economic opportunities for women around the world and to provide you with amazing products with an amazing story.

After more than a year of prepping, planning, training, and traveling a simple conversation with our friends at Chirpwood turned into a partnership and our first Mercantile collection is launching November 1. The collection features simple, minimalist jewelry made by our team of artisans in Rwanda. We cannot wait to share all the details with you, but for now mark your calendars because we promise you will not want to miss this launch!

Emma Jane