About Us


We believe in high quality fashion.

We want you to spend your money on things that really matter to you, so it matters if your jewelry lasts and saves money in the long run. You see, we want you to have more money to spend on everything else that’s important.

We believe in sustainable fashion.

We want your jewelry to last because that means less waste, which is better for you and the planet. We believe good taste never goes out of style, so your jewelry should hold up longer than the latest trends. That’s why we make our jewelry with the highest quality materials and attention to detail, so that it will last and not be tossed away.

We believe in versatile style.

We want our jewelry to be versatile, minimalist and easy to mix and match, so you don’t have to spend your morning agonizing over what to wear. It matters if you can save time in order to spend it on what and who you really love. We hope to give you one less thing to worry about about.

We believe in the dignity of humanity.

We want to treat every human with the dignity they deserve. Therefore, we are committed to treating everyone who interacts with us, whether employee, customer, stranger or friend as we want to be treated ourselves.

We believe in the creation of jobs.

We applaud hard work because it changes lives and we want to be apart of that. We created our EJD mercantile and our Brand Representative program in order to create jobs for hardworking women, so that they can make ends meet while doing what they love.

We believe in empowering you

We want you to realize that you can make an impact on this world. You can educate, you can influence for good. Every action you take will have an impact on this world, whether for good or for bad. You have the power to change the world for good in every decision you make, everyday.


About Emma Jane

Emma Jane always had a passion for design and when she was just 16 years old she began her company, Emma Jane Designs. At the time she was working a summer job at a local boutique and saw a huge void in the accessories category. The fashion jewelry that was available was made with low quality materials and techniques, and almost all of it was mass produced. So she set out to do something different – create jewelry using real materials with careful attention to detail to ensure that the customer gets a high quality product that will stand the test of time. She also made a commitment to keep all of her pieces under $100 with most of them selling for well under $50 because she believes that when you look good, you feel good and that shouldn’t be dependent on your budget!

Today, our jewelry is produced by a talented production team in our Alabama-based studio with a commitment to quality. Each piece uses 14k gold-filled, 14k rose gold-filled, or sterling silver wire and chain with semi-precious stones and fresh water pearls. And nothing will ever be mass produced. We believe that crafting by hand truly gives our customers the very best!


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